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Heather's Blog

Heather's Blog

Stories and thoughts written by the President of Hope-Thru-Horses, Inc., Heather Wilkerson.

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For years, Michelle, a friend of mine has listened to my belief and practice of the Law of Attraction. Basically, the Law of Attraction is the belief that everything you feel and think is what you receive. In my personal practice and in order to receive positive things and experiences, I believe that one has to genuinely desire such for authentic reasons. For the past 8 years, Michelle has commuted 90 miles to work each way everyday. She makes the commute because it was her dream to build and buy her own home. Over the past couple of years, the commute has grown tiresome and she had plateaued at her job. Michelle applied for several jobs over the years, but none seemed to be “the one”. In July 2013, Michelle saw a job opening for a position at a company 11 minutes from her home. Michelle’s hometown is the equivalent of St. Pauls, NC. There are a few restaurants and shops. This position happened to be with a company that has several offices around the United States. I prompted Michelle to visit the company, pick out her parking space, sit there and breathe. I suggested she visualize what it would feel like to have an 11-minute commute, how her life would change with an extra 3.5 hours in her day. Latching onto this idea of the law of attraction, Michelle did even better. She texted me a picture; that she made, of herself standing in front of the door to the potential employer. This picture further solidified her experience in bringing her desire for change to fruition. (The idea is to make the wish incredibly sensory impactful that one ONLY thinks and feels that wish in order for it to come to fruition.) Michelle did this by immersing herself in…
With today’s economy, messages about loans and debt are incredibly shaming and impose a lot of guilt. A friend told me about a magazine called Law of Attraction. In, “You Can Choose a New Financial Reality; Take the Bill-Paying Challenge and Shift your Vibration Around Money,” Elyse Hope Killoran offered a new perspective when paying bills and assuming loans. People often associate feeling disorganized, overwhelmed, trapped, and ashamed when considering their debt and bills to be paid. In the second exercise, Elyse suggests that one imagines paying bills from a bank account that is always replenished and abundant. What thoughts or feelings would one experience if this were the case? Feelings associated with a full bank account might be confident, proud, liberated. When paying bills, Elyse recommends that one stops to reflect upon and be grateful for whatever benefits came from the use of the product or service of which is being paid. I take this one step further. When I sit down to make my land payment, I will be incredibly grateful for the opportunities that this loan has provided. Because of this land, we are able to provide a safe and nurturing place, which incorporates animals and nature to help people “Get Unstuck”. I look forward to making this payment in September. Figure out how your bills feed your vision; you will find a relationship between the two if you look deep enough. Consider this, how does your payment affect others? The people processing your payments would not be able to provide for their families if it weren’t for their jobs. Once you begin to view money as circular just as you breathe, in and out, you will begin to experience abundance. Finally, one of my favorite suggestions offered by Elyse was to attach a sticky note…
A few weeks ago, I had hit a bump in my road. I was exhausted and going through my days just trying to get everything done. I was questioning whether to continue as I had created things i.e. my business. My mantra was, “Never give up. Never give up.” I read this in all business books. The negative part of me justified quitting by explaining that there are businesses that go under or throw up their hands. The enormous positive part of me knows that giving up is NOT me. The amazing women around me were so positive. I asked them, “Why are you so cheery and positive?” They replied, “You taught us to be this way.” Everyone who knows and understands what I do, knows that the world is full of metaphors and that we can establish our own meaning in life’s messages. When I’m down in the dumps, I look for affirmations. When I’m feeling hopeful or discouraged, I practice my affirmations. A few weeks ago, I was desperate for some “me” time and some messages to affirm me to continue on. I knew that in a few weeks, I had some deeply needed scheduled rest time. Here’s what I found… On Wednesday night, I ran into a friend who said, “Are you ready for our trip this weekend?” I said, “Not this weekend, but November 4th, I’ll be ready.” In fact my trip was scheduled for October 14th and I had written it on the wrong weekend. Due to just needing some peace and quiet, I almost cancelled on my friend, but I always honor a commitment. This was the first of affirmation “whispers”. The next afternoon, I attended the Fayetteville Ladies Power Lunch. There, Pat Fortenberry, who made millions selling Mary Kay products, shared her story…
What do horses and fear have to do with women? Often times women compromise themselves because of fear. They fear not being loved. They are afraid of failing. They are afraid of succeeding. They are afraid of not being enough. All of these fears are about how women are perceived by others. Women often do not stand up for themselves or lose their authentic self because of these fears. Through experiences with horses, women realize this and regain it. The idea is… If you learn to trust (a large powerful animal), you experience emotional security and physical safety. Because you experience it (instead of talking about what it might feel like), you can identify that safety and security in your everyday life (outside of the arena). You, therefore, maintain your spiritual integrity, your personal truths. You can trust in your process. Like horses, you learn to connect your mind, body, and spirit to live in the moment by trusting internal and external messages/cues or intuition as you relate to your world.
Defeat, Horses, and Confidence For this article, I asked Amy Dial our Master’s of Counseling intern who is attending the University of North Carolina, Pembroke to share a therapy session that touched her the most. This is what she wrote. This was Cam’s 3rd afternoon of trying. The task was to get a horse to move in the circle around him in the round pen. He just couldn’t get that horse to move. The only rule was that Cam couldn’t touch the horse. He tried kicking, crying, yelling and finally sulking. After spending his 2 previous afternoons making no headway with his task, Cam was feeling pretty defeated. His face was wrinkled up with traces of tears running down his face. On this 3rd afternoon Cam bounded into the field and stated, “Ok, I’m ready. I’m going to get that horse to move”. He began to tell that horse in no uncertain terms who the boss was. He gave commands and directions like a 5 star general. As soon as the horse began walking around the pen Cam turned around, his face lit up like a New York City marquee, and squealed, “I’m doing it, I’m doing it, look I’m doing it”! This session touched me because Cam had such an expressive face. You could read the defeat in his eyes and by the crease of his brow. Just as his negative expressions screamed out so did his joy at ‘making that horse move’. He tackled his problem and spoke with confidence. The message clicked so well in his mind. He also began to apply this confidence to his schoolwork and homework; a true breakthrough. For more information, you can contact Heather Wilkerson at Hope-thru-Horses, Inc. at494-5888.
What is on your Vision (Board)? A few weeks ago, the members of “Between Us Girls”, a women’s networking group, got together to visualize, create, and live their dreams (on a vision board). It was incredible. It empowered one another to reach for the stars as we created “pictures” of our future. What is a vision board? It is a board, poster board, and picture board, whatever type of display that would attract you to look at it constantly! On the board, you place pictures, quotations, ideas, and anything else that would remind and inspire you to achieve your goals. There are a million ways to create a vision board. You can start with a specific goal in mind or several. You can make it for a specific time period i.e. 3 months or over your lifetime. The more specific you are, the better. How do you make a vision board? Step 1: Gather all types of magazines, newspapers, etc. Step 2: Thumb through them considering what your goals might be. Step 3: Cut out anything that catches your eye. Don’t let your doubt filter out possible great ideas. Step 4: Focus on what you DO want versus what you do not want. For example, instead of losing weight, focus on the body you would like to have i.e. if you are a size 14, don’t focus on losing 10 pounds. Focus on being a size 12. Instead of focusing on what you hate about your job, focus on what you would like in your job. Step 5: Paste your ideas on your board. The only right way to do this is YOUR way. Step 6: Post the board where you will look at it the most. The more you see it, the more you remind yourself of your goals…

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