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Heather Wilkerson,  MSW, LCSW, EAGALA Advanced Certified, President


Heather always knew she would share her love and passion for animals with others. She just did not know it would be with horses until experiencing the bond between she and her 1200 pound babies. It was learning to give respect and trust in order to develop the relationship through communication, acceptance, empathy, assertiveness, and most of all, patience, that she discovered how empowering the equine experience could be.







  Andrea McSweeney, MSW, LCSWA



"From the moment that I heard Heather Wilkerson speaking at a conference about the utilization of animals in therapy, I knew that was where I wanted to start my career as a therapist.  A few years have passed since then and I can say that I have officially obtained the job of my dreams.  Being able to couple my desire to help people effect change within their own lives with my love of animals has been an amazing experience and totally rewarding."  Andrea McSweeney, MSW, LCSWA

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” 

― Mahatma Gandhi





Claire Almay, MSW, LCSWA

Claire is the newest member to the Hope-Thru-Horses team and brings with her years of experience of working with children families and groups. Claire is a Licensed Clinical Social Work Associate with a Masters of Social Work degree and is currently working to obtain her Registered Play Therapy (RPT) license. Claire enjoys running social skills groups for adolescences to improve problem-solving, mindfulness and positive communication for clients. Claire believes in the power of play with children and sees children ages 3+ utilizing Cognitive Behavioral therapy, expressive art therapies, mindfulness, child-centered play therapy and non-directive play therapy. Claire has opening for clients currently, please call or email for appointments. 



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